“A friend makes your face smile & your heart soar…”

aath_boxSherry’s deep-seated passion for friendship and humor make her a true inspiration. She loves to stir her audience to an understanding that when cancer steals the song in their heart, friendship and laughter will sing it back to them. In an “intimate girlfriend-to-girlfriend fashion” she shares how her friends did that for her and incorporates fun, imaginative ideas she’s learned from others while traveling and speaking. She also motivates her audience to take an active role in their own health care and to encourage those they love to do the same.

boa_tatasSherry speaks with a warmth and empathy that touches and encourages the hearts of her audience. Her presentations bring both laughter and tears; and those who attend leave reassured that faith, family, friends and frivolity can revitalize a heart broken by cancer.

Some of Sherry’s Other Topics!

  • Life… A Community Event.
    Who was that masked man? We weren’t meant to be Lone Ranger citizens and who wants to be! Community is as diverse as people and comes in many shapes and sizes. It looks like family, church or synagogue, workplace, neighborhood and much more. We need community to help us learn, laugh and live life. This presentation has been popular as a humorous keynote for community luncheons, fundraisers and businesswomen’s conferences.
  • The Sunset Chapter
    In an earlier chapter of her adult life, Sherry worked as a ward secretary in a convalescent center in Northern California. During this presentation she shares some funny experiences; the valuable lesson a wise nurse taught her that has helped her deal with the ups and downs of life; the healing power of laughter and friendship; and the most important gift we can give to our “Greatest Generation” as they live the sunset chapter of their lives. This is a popular keynote presentation for health care workers and was developed for an appreciation banquet for legislators who provide funding.
  • Get Serious: I Can’t Write a Book! Whether you were born with a passion to communicate or an experience has put this desire on your heart…sometimes it takes an encouraging word to get you going. This humorous presentation has been popular as a luncheon Keynote for wsherry_speakingriter’s conferences.
  • Gotta Be GOOFY! (to be a writer!) This fun presentation was developed when a teacher friend invited Sherry to speak for a junior high school career day. Sherry wears a Goofy T-shirt and uses an acrostic of the word Goofy to motivate and equip young people to consider and have fun with writing. The kids love to participate by sharing and building on each other’s fun ideas. An overhead and kids must be provided.
  • Wipe that smile off your face…You’re at work! Of course we must take our work seriously; but must we take ourselves so seriously? Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “A sense of humor is part of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.” Is humor indeed appropriate at work? If Mister “I like IKE” thought so maybe we should consider it!
  • A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes! This presentation was developed when Sherry was invited to speak at Spokane Falls Community College to a group entitled, Women in Transition. These are women whose dreams have been shattered by others…by life. You may not have had your dreams shattered by others; maybe you just don’t yet know what you want to be when you grow up? Is it too late? Do you even know what your dream might be? How do you get in touch with your lost dream? How do you protect your dream from dying? We are all originals with individual dreams. Let’s dream big!
  • …and More!



“Your wonderful view of life was so fun and meaningful to all those who had the privilege of attending our Friday evening event. Your ability to share not only your courageous story of surviving (and thriving!) breast cancer but also your message of how the experience blessed your life was so valuable for those attending. Your humor and heart are always evident, whether throughout your written work or through sharing your story. I would be very happy to provide a reference to anyone considering you for a speaking engagement.”


Survivor who uses Humor to help Every pink Ribbon earner Realize they Yet have viability.”


“You and your book “I Don’t Remember Signing up for Cancer!” provided a great draw for our 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Symposium on April 9th. Our attendance more than doubled from last year and the many Breast Cancer Survivors received such a gift by getting to hear your presentation. Your message of humor and hope is a perfect fit for Komen, and I hope other Affiliates are able to enjoy you in the future.”


“The comical author of “I Don’t Remember Signing Up for Cancer!” kept the crowd rolling with laughter Saturday during the Third Annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Lubbock Affiliate’s Breast Cancer Symposium”


“I have worked with Sherry in the past in medical conferences and talks where she has proven to be an outstanding, entertaining, humorous speaker. She has written an excellent book relating her experience as a breast cancer and breast reconstruction patient, and is a uniquely inspiring and entertaining speaker on the subject. Her presentations to both lay and professional audiences are always well received. I would recommend her for such a speaking role without any reservations whatsoever.”


“Thank you very much, Sherry. Humor is indeed healing and you are very skilled in bringing just the right balance to your presentations. Having ‘been there, done that’ is also very important in terms of relating to your audiences. You are a winner and I am pleased to recommend your talents to other Komen Affiliates.”


“Finding just the right speaker can sometimes be challenging, but you were everything we hoped for and more. Our tea is a special day that all our survivors look forward to, a day of celebration and hope. Your talk was uplifting, entertaining and informative.”


“Sherry’s enthusiasm and passion is obvious. At the event, she went guest-to-guest and introduced herself. She made a point to connect with everyone. Sherry’s message is one of faith, family, friends and humor in everyday life, not just when dealing with cancer. She stresses the need for people to be educated about their healthcare choices.”


“Well, you will never forget coming to Connecticut during the blizzard of 2006 and we will never forget how you took our hearts by storm… Your understanding and your ability to transfer such a positive energy will leave a lasting impression on our hearts for a long time to come. My wish is that all patients diagnosed with cancer would have the opportunity to experience all that is ‘Sherry’.”


“We had the pleasure of having Sherry Karuza Waldrip speak at a recent event during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ms. Waldrip, a breast cancer survivor, shares her story with humor, compassion and encouragement. Her ability to transition from the difficult topics of diagnosis and treatment to seeking the humor in dealing with doctors and friends make for an inspiring event. Her information is excellent for survivors, family and friends to hear.”

Phone: (509) 924-8085
9116 E. Sprague #139
Spokane Valley, WA 99206
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